About Us

Our company

Yuuhatsu Turbo Systems was incorporated in 2006 as a joint venture between several factories. The main goal of the company is to bring to market a complete product range of high quality turbochargers under one brand, Yuuhatsu.

Yuuhatsu is currently manufacturing  and offering an extensive product line including turbos, cartridges and all of their components.

Yuuhatsu's unique structure allows it the capacity and flexibility to manufacture from a journal bearing to a "made to order" turbo. 

The currently established manufacturing process also allows for adjustments, such as metal variations, to be possibly incorporated to fit the expected working conditions of the product.

Our engineers have improved the existing designs of journal and thrust bearings to enhance lubrication and improve the overall turbo quality.  Quality is our commitment.

Yuuhatsu's key partnerships placed the company in an unique position to achieve a most important challenge.

The challenge to make a quality turbo or component at a competitive price and that is what Yuuhatsu has done and can offer.

Our mission is to offer our distributors a complete product range of turbochargers that can rival original manufacturers in performance and quality at a fraction of the cost.