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Application Turbo # Cartridge #
Application Turbo # Cartridge #
CBT 1EA0796 1EB0797
CBT 1EA2324 1EB2325
Cummins 1EA0934 1EB0935
Cummins 1EA0796 1EB0797
Cummins 1EA1821 1EB1822
Cummins 1EA1616 1EB1121
Cummins 1EA1493 1EB1494
Cummins 1EA2324 1EB2325
Cummins 1BA0936 1BB0937
DAF 1EA1321 1EB1322
Deutz 1BA1757 1BB1758
Dodge 1EA1683 1EB1684
Dodge 1EA1493 1EB1494
Dodge 1EA2329 1EB2330
Dynapac 1EA0796 1EB0797
Dynapac 1EA2324 1EB2325
Fiat 1EA0796 1EB0797
Fiat 1EA2324 1EB2325
Fiat 1KA2187 1KB2188
Ford 1MA1753 1MB1754
Ford 1EA0796 1EB0797
Ford 1EA2324 1EB2325
Ford 1KA0956 1KB0957
GM 1MA0205 1MB0206
GM 1BA2371 1BB2372
Hitachi 1HA0060 1HB0061
Isuzu 1HA0161 1HB0162
Isuzu 1HA1953 1HB1954
Isuzu 1HA0954 1HB0955
Isuzu 1HA1803 1HB1804
Isuzu 1HA3068 1HB3067
Iveco 1MA0209 1MB0159
Iveco 1MA0446 1MB0159
Iveco 1KA2023 1KB2024
JCB 1HA0161 1HB0162
JCB 1HA1953 1HB1954
John Deere 1EA0339 1EB1944
Kia 1KA1808 1KB1810
Kia 1KA1809 1KB1810
Kia 1KA1809 1KB1810
Kia 1HA0425 1HB0426
Kobelco 1MA0959 1MB0960
Kobelco 1MA2264 1MB2265
Komatsu 1EA0796 1EB0797
Komatsu 1EA1380 1EB1330
Komatsu 1EA2324 1EB2325
Mazda 1KA0956 1KB0957
Mazda 1HA1289 1HB1290
Mazda 1HA1345 1HB1346
Mitsubishi 1MA2626 1MB2627
Mitsubishi 1MA1626 1MB1627
Mitsubishi 1MA0104 1MB0099
Mitsubishi 1MA0673 1MB0284
Mitsubishi 1MA0673 1MB0284
Mitsubishi 1MA0673 1MB0284
Mitsubishi 1MA0673 1MB0284
Mitsubishi 1MA0283 1MB0284
Mitsubishi 1MA2283 1MB0148
Mitsubishi 1MA0143 1MB0034
Mitsubishi 1MA0277 1MB0040
Mitsubishi 1MA0039 1MB0040
Mitsubishi 1MA0182 1MB0181
Mitsubishi 1MA0142 1MB0155
Mitsubishi 1MA1923 1MB1924
Mitsubishi 1MA1925 1MB1924
Mitsubishi 1MA0433 1MB0434
Mitsubishi 1MA0959 1MB0960
Mitsubishi 1MA2264 1MB2265
MWM 1MA0205 1MB0206
MWM 1MA0336 1MB0337
Navistar 1EA1886 1EB1887
New Holland 1BA1605 1BB1607
New Holland 1BA1606 1BB1607
Opel 1KA1732 1KB1733
Opel 1KA1736 1KB1733
Opel 1KB1567
Opel 1KB1567
Opel 1HA0064 1HB0065
Opel 1HA1433 1HB0065
Opel 1HA1819 1HB1820
Opel 1HA3068 1HB3067
Perkins 1EA1898 1EB2590
Perkins 1BA3649 1BB3650
Perkins 1BA3647 1BB3648
Perkins 1HA1965 1HB1966
Peugeot 1MA1753 1MB1754
Peugeot 1KA2187 1KB2188
Peugeot 1KA0956 1KB0957
Renault 1KA0297 1KB0298
Renault 1KA2271 1KB2272
Shibaura 1HA1965 1HB1966
Steyr 1KA2333 1KB2334
Sumitomo 1MA0142 1MB0155
Sumitomo 1MA0959 1MB0960
Toyota 1HA2317 1HB2318
Toyota 1HA2327 1HB2328
Volvo 1MA1753 1MB1754
Volvo 1EA2329 1EB2330
Volvo 1BA1430 1BB1431
Volvo 1BA1360 1BB1431
Volvo 1BA1783 1BB1784
Volvo 1BA1523 1BB1524
Volvo 1BA1884 1BB1885
Volvo 1BA1342 1BB1343
Volvo 1BA2234 1BB2235
Volvo 1KA0457 1KB0639
Volvo 1KA0199 1KB1765
Volvo 1KA0455 1KB0638
Volvo 1KB0638
Volvo 1KA2185 1KB2186
Volvo 1KA1264 1KB2186
Volvo 1KA1455 1KB1457
Volvo 1KA1456 1KB1457
Volvo 1KB1168
Volvo 1KB1372
Volvo 1KB0665
Volvo 1KA1522 1KB0783
Volvo 1KA0893 1KB0783
Volvo 1HA2287 1HB2288
Weichai 1EA1471 1EB1472
Yanmar 1HA1965 1HB1966
Yuchai 1EA0796 1EB0797
Yuchai 1EA2324 1EB2325
Audi 1KA0457 1KB0639
Audi 1KA0199 1KB1765
Audi 1KA0455 1KB0638
Audi 1KB0638
Audi 1KA2185 1KB2186
Audi 1KA1264 1KB2186
Audi 1KA1455 1KB1457
Audi 1KA1456 1KB1457
Audi 1KB1168
Audi 1KB0665
Audi 1KA1522 1KB0783
Audi 1KA0893 1KB0783
Audi 1HA2287 1HB2288
Bobcat 1BA1757 1BB1758
Case 1EA0934 1EB0935
Case 1EA0796 1EB0797
Case 1EA1821 1EB1822
Case 1EA1616 1EB1121
Case 1EA2324 1EB2325
Case 1BA0936 1BB0937
Case 1BA1605 1BB1607
Case 1BA1606 1BB1607
Cat 1MA2283 1MB0148
Cat 1MA1923 1MB1924
Cat 1MA1925 1MB1924
Cat 1MA0141 1MB0154
Cat 1MA0047 1MB0048
Cat 1MA0049 1MB0048
Cat 1BA0680 1BB0681
Cat 1BA0907 1BB1807
Cat 1BA3649 1BB3650
Cat 1BA3647 1BB3648
Cat 1BA2371 1BB2372
Cat 1BA1851 1BB1852
Cat 1BA1788 1BB1789
Cat 1BA0879 1BB0880
Cat 1BA1848 1BB1843
Cat 1BA1842 1BB1843
Cat 1BA1844 1BB1845
Cat 1BA1846 1BB1845
Cat 1BA1861 1BB1862
Cat 1BA0105 1BB0096
Cat 1BA0201 1BB0202
Cat 1BA0435 1BB0436
Cat 1BB0682
Cat 1BA1796 1BB1797
Cat 1BA1798 1BB1797
Cat 1HA1965 1HB1966
Chevrolet 1MA0205 1MB0206
Chrysler 1EA1493 1EB1494
Chrysler 1HA1550 1HB1551
Citroen 1MA1753 1MB1754
Citroen 1KA2187 1KB2188
Citroen 1KA0956 1KB0957
Cummins 1EA0606 1EB0607
Cummins 1EA0938 1EB0939
Cummins 1EA1442 1EB1443
Cummins 1EA2518 1EB2519
Cummins 1EA2520 1EB2519
Cummins 1EA1683 1EB1684
Cummins 1EA2015 1EB2017
Cummins 1EA2016 1EB2017
Cummins 1EA2073 1EB1822
Cummins 1EA1485 1EB1486
Cummins 1EA1438 1EB1439
Cummins 1EA1319 1EB1320
Cummins 1EA1951 1EB1952
Cummins 1EA0338 1EB0817
Cummins 1EA0339 1EB1944
Cummins 1EA1943 1EB1944
Cummins 1EA0621 1EB2079
Cummins 1EA2078 1EB2079
Cummins 1EA1520 1EB1760
Cummins 1EA0819 1EB1760
Cummins 1EA1759 1EB1760
Cummins 1EA0445 1EB0456
Cummins 1EA1313 1EB0456
Cummins 1EA1315 1EB1316
Cummins 1EA1255 1EB0456
Cummins 1EA1856 1EB0456
Cummins 1EA0619 1EB0456
Cummins 1EA1955 1EB1956
Cummins 1EA1338 1EB1341
Cummins 1EA1644 1EB1341
Cummins 1EA1661 1EB1341
Cummins 1EA1517 1EB1341
Cummins 1EA1811 1EB1341
Cummins 1EA1340 1EB1341
Cummins 1EA1666 1EB1341
Cummins 1EA1672 1EB1341
Cummins 1EA1499 1EB1560
Cummins 1EA1781 1EB1782
Cummins 1EA1358 1EB1149
Cummins 1EA1159 1EB1149
Cummins 1EA1159 N/A
Cummins 1EA1465 1EB1466
Cummins 1EA1444 1EB1466
Cummins 1EA0458 1EB1271
Cummins 1EA1211 1EB1271
Cummins 1EA1398 1EB1271
Cummins 1EA1211 1EB1271
Cummins 1EA1212 1EB1330
Cummins 1EA1380 1EB1330
Cummins 1EA1329 1EB1330
Cummins 1EA1426 1EB1427
Cummins 1EA1429 1EB1494
Cummins 1EA1763 1EB1494
Cummins 1EA1763 1EB1494
Cummins 1EA1321 1EB1322
Cummins 1EA1647 1EB1648
Cummins 1EA1651 1EB1648
Cummins 1EA1655 1EB1648
Cummins 1EA1659 1EB1648
Cummins 1EA1565 1EB0838
Cummins 1EA0837 1EB0838
Cummins 1EA2501 1EB2502
Cummins 1EA1900 1EB1901
Cummins 1EA1586 1EB0838
Cummins 1EA1577 1EB1578
Cummins 1EA1552 1EB1578
Cummins 1EA0628 1EB0629
Cummins 1EA1696 1EB0629
Cummins 1EA0906 1EB0838
Cummins 1EA1501 1EB1504
Cummins 1EA1503 1EB1504
Cummins 1EA1689 1EB1690
Cummins 1EA2319 1EB1690
Cummins 1EA1691 1EB1692
Cummins 1EA1693 1EB1692
Cummins 1EA2326 1EB1692
Cummins 1EA1794 1EB1795
Cummins 1EA1886 1EB1887
Cummins 1EA2329 1EB2330
Cummins 1EA1164 1EB1161
Cummins 1EA1694 1EB1695
Cummins 1EA1913 1EB1914
Cummins 1EA1376 1EB1161
Cummins 1EA3654 1EB1695
Cummins 1EA1869 1EB1870
Cummins 1EA2589 1EB2590
Cummins 1EA1898 1EB2590
Cummins 1EA2260 1EB2261
Cummins 1EA1701 1EB1702
Daewoo 1EA0617 1EB0618
Daewoo 1EA1323 1EB1324
Daewoo 1EA0634 1EB0635
Daewoo 1EA1642 1EB1643
Deutz 1BA1979 1BB1758
Deutz 1BA1430 1BB1431
Deutz 1BA1360 1BB1431
Deutz 1BA1783 1BB1784
Deutz 1BA2615 1BB2616
Deutz 1BA1523 1BB1524
Deutz 1BA1884 1BB1885
Deutz 1BA1342 1BB1343
Deutz 1BA2234 1BB2235
Deutz 1BA1310 1BB1312
Deutz 1BA1311 1BB1312
Deutz 1KA0674 1KB0675
Deutz 1KA0676 1KB1171
Deutz 1KA0677 1KB1196
Fiat 1MA0209 1MB0159
Fiat 1MA0446 1MB0159
Fiat 1KA2023 1KB2024
Fiat 1KA1732 1KB1733
Fiat 1KA1736 1KB1733
Fiat 1KB1567
Fiat 1KB1567
Fiat 1HA3068 1HB3067
Ford 1MB0032
Ford 1MA2141 1MB2142
Ford 1MA0336 1MB0337
Ford 1KB1372
Ford 1HA1289 1HB1290
Ford 1HA1345 1HB1346
GM 1HA1803 1HB1804
Hino 1HA1317 1HB1318
Hino 1HA3652 1HB3653
Hino 1HA0058 1HB0059
Hino 1HA0060 1HB0061
Hino 1HA0427 1HB0428
Hino 1HA1949 1HB1950
Hino 1HA0062 1HB0063
Hino 1HA2071 1HB2072
Hino 1HA1871 1HB1872
Hino 1HA2002 1HB2003
Hino 1HA2071 N/A
Hitachi 1MA1327 1MB1328
Hitachi 1HA0161 1HB0162
Hitachi 1HA1953 1HB1954
Hitachi 1HA0954 1HB0955
Howo 1EA1471 1EB1472
Hyundai 1MA2626 1MB2627
Hyundai 1MA1626 1MB1627
Hyundai 1MA1473 1MB1474
Hyundai 1MA1514 1MB1515
Hyundai 1MA0104 1MB0099
Hyundai 1MA0303 1MB0099
Hyundai 1MA0673 1MB0284
Hyundai 1MA0673 1MB0284
Hyundai 1MA0673 1MB0284
Hyundai 1MA0673 1MB0284
Hyundai 1MA0283 1MB0284
Hyundai 1MA0143 1MB0034
Hyundai 1MA0277 1MB0040
Hyundai 1MA0039 1MB0040
Hyundai 1MA0182 1MB0181
Hyundai 1MA0433 1MB0434
Hyundai 1KA1808 1KB1810
Hyundai 1KA1809 1KB1810
Hyundai 1KA1809 1KB1810
Hyundai 1HA0425 1HB0426
Hyundai 1HA2091 1HB2092
I 1HA0218 1HB0163
Isuzu 1HA0070 1HB0071
Isuzu 1HA0074 1HB0075
Isuzu 1HA0133 1HB0191
Isuzu 1HA0289 1HB0071
Isuzu 1HA1799 1HB1800
Isuzu 1HA1281 1HB1282
Isuzu 1HA1281 1HB2282
Isuzu 1HA1571 1HB1572
Isuzu 1HA2284 1HB2285
Isuzu 1HA0064 1HB0065
Isuzu 1HA1880 1HB0065
Isuzu 1HA1433 1HB0065
Isuzu 1HA2289 1HB2290
Isuzu 1HA2315 1HB2316
Isuzu 1HA1819 1HB1820
Isuzu 1HA1825 1HB1826
Isuzu 1HA2309 1HB2310
Isuzu 1HA1356 1HB1357
Isuzu 1HA3066 1HB3067
Isuzu 1HA3072 1HB3073
Isuzu 1HA3134 1HB3192
Isuzu 1HA3287 1HB3288
Isuzu 1HA2247 1HB2248
Isuzu 1HA1909 1HB1910
Iveco 1EA1332 1EB1333
Iveco 1EA1911 1EB1912
Iveco 1EA1635 1EB1636
Iveco 1EA1718 1EB1719
Iveco 1EA1946 1EB1947
Iveco 1EA1630 1EB1831
Jamz 1ZA0885 1ZB1771
John Deere 1BA1839 1BB1840
John Deere 1BA1697 1BB1698
John Deere 1BA3996 1BB3997
John Deere 1BA1888 1BB1889
John Deere 1ZA0870 1ZB0871
Kato 1MA0142 1MB0155
Kato 1MA0959 1MB0960
Kato 1MA2264 1MB2265
Komatsu 1EA0001 1EB0002
Komatsu 1EA1521 1EB1359
Komatsu 1BB2263
Komatsu 1BA1832 1BB1833
Komatsu 1SA1618
Komatsu 1SA1618 1SB1620
Komatsu 1SA1721 1SB1681
Komatsu 1SA1446 1SB1447
Komatsu 1SA1448 1SB1449
Komatsu 1SA1725 1SB1686
Komatsu 1SA1728 1SB1740
Lexus 1HA2317 1HB2318
Lexus 1HA2327 1HB2328
M 1EA1755 1EB1756
Mack 1EA2503 1EB2505
Mack 1EA2504 1EB2505
Mack 1BA0295 1BB0296
Mack 1BA1368 1BB0683
Mack 1BA1863 1BB1864
Mack 1BA1865 1BB1866
Mack 1BA1865 1BB1866
Mack 1BA1865 1BB1866
Mack 1BA1711 1BB1712
Mack 1BA1868 1BB0682
Mack 1BA0872 1BB0873
Man 1EA3078 1EB3077
Man 1EA1751 1EB1752
Man 1KA2333 1KB2334
Man 1KA2019 1KB2020
Man 1KA1416 1KB1415
Man 1KA1417 1KB1415
Man 1KA1418 1KB1415
Man 1KA1423 1KB1640
Mercedes Benz 1EA1468 1EB1469
Mercedes Benz 1BA0876 1BB0878
Mercedes Benz 1BA1849 1BB0878
Mercedes Benz 1BA1133 1BB1140
Mercedes Benz 1KA1703 1KB1704
Mercedes Benz 1KA1706 1KB1707
Mercedes Benz 1KA0052 1KB0053
Mercedes Benz 1KA1623 1KB1624
Mercedes Benz 1KA0868 1KB0869
Mercedes Benz 1KA1460 1KB1461
Mercedes Benz 1KA1827 1KB1828
Mercedes Benz 1KA1548 1KB1549
Mercedes Benz 1KA1708 1KB1709
Mercedes Benz 1KA1555 1KB1556
Mini Cooper 1KA1857 1KB1858
Mitsubishi 1MA0448 1MB0160
Mitsubishi 1MA0448 1MB0160
Mitsubishi 1MA0671 1MB0672
Mitsubishi 1MA0029 1MB0030
Mitsubishi 1MA0131 1MB0148
Mitsubishi 1MA0407 1MB0146
Mitsubishi 1MA0407 1MB0146
Mitsubishi 1MA0407 1MB0146
Mitsubishi 1MA0129 1MB0146
Mitsubishi 1MA0407 1MB0146
Mitsubishi 1MA0312 1MB2097
Mitsubishi 1MA0280 1MB2097
Mitsubishi 1MA0314 1MB2097
Mitsubishi 1MA0280 1MB2097
Mitsubishi 1MA0280 1MB2097
Mitsubishi 1MA0033 1MB0034
Mitsubishi 1MA0273 1MB0034
Mitsubishi 1MA0035 1MB0036
Mitsubishi 1MA0140 1MB0036
Mitsubishi 1MA0140 1MB0036
Mitsubishi 1MA0449 1MB0036
Mitsubishi 1MA0279 1MB0038
Mitsubishi 1MA0318 1MB0038
Mitsubishi 1MA0279 1MB0038
Mitsubishi 1MA0451 1MB0038
Mitsubishi 1MA0107 1MB0098
Mitsubishi 1MA0043 1MB0044
Mitsubishi 1MB0188
Mitsubishi 1MB0188
Mitsubishi 1MA1260 1MB0042
Mitsubishi 1MA1260 1MB0042
Mitsubishi 1MA0050 1MB0051
Mitsubishi 1MA0084 1MB0085
Mitsubishi 1MB0153
Mitsubishi 1MB0153
Mitsubishi 1MA0045 1MB0046
Mitsubishi 1MB0302
Mitsubishi 1MB0302
Mitsubishi 1MA0132 1MB0190
Mitsubishi 1MA2128 1MB0335
Mitsubishi 1MB0335
Mitsubishi 1MA0334 1MB0335
Mitsubishi 1MB0335
Mitsubishi 1MA0136 1MB0150
Mitsubishi 1MA0321 1MB0322
Mitsubishi 1MA0328 1MB0150
Mitsubishi 1MA0330 1MB0150
Mitsubishi 1MA0331 1MB0150
Mitsubishi 1HA1395 1HB1396
Mitsubishi 1HA1351 1HB1352
Mitsubishi 1HA1859 1HB1860
Nissan 1KA0297 1KB0298
Nissan 1KA2271 1KB2272
Nissan 1HA1349 1HB1350
Nissan 1HA1747 1HB1748
Nissan 1HA1653 1HB1654
Nissan 1AA2499 1AB2500
Nissan 1YA1928(Yuuhatsu-Design)
Nissan 1AA1628 1AB1629
Opel 1MA0593 1MB0594
Scania 1EA0003 1EB0004
Scania 1EA1530 1EB1531
Shangchai 1HA0640 1HB0641
Sino Truck 1EA1669 1EB1670
Subaru 1MA1829 1MB1830
Subaru 1MB2403
Toyota 1TA0794 1TB0795
Toyota 1TA3895 1TB3896
Toyota 1TA1058 1TB3896
Toyota 1TA1519 1TB3896
Toyota 1TA4024 1TB4025
Toyota 1TA2254 1TB2255
Toyota 1TA2267 1TB2268
Toyota 1TA0830 1TB0419
Toyota 1TA0281 1TB0419
Toyota 1TA0410 1TB0419
Toyota 1TA2320 1TB2321
Toyota 1TA2369 1TB2370
Toyota 1TA0881 1TB0882
Toyota 1TA0685 1TB0686
Toyota 1TA1326 1TB0686
Toyota 1TA1450 1TB1208
Toyota 1TA1451 1TB1208
Toyota 1TA1325 1TB1208
Toyota 1TA1364 1TB1365
Volvo 1MA2243 1MB2244
Volvo 1MA2245 1MB2244
Volvo 1MA2246 1MB2244
Volvo 1EA1119 1EB1120
Volvo 1EA0602 1EB0603
Volvo 1EA1835 1EB1836
Volvo 1EA2312 1EB2313
Volvo 1EA1440 1EB1441
Volvo 1EA1347 1EB1348
Volvo 1EA1699 1EB1700
Volvo 1EA2385 1EB2386
Volvo 1KA1353 1KB1354
Weichai 1EA1657 1EB1658
Yanmar 1HA1854 1HB1855